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2022 Swinney 'Farvie' Grenache

2022 Swinney 'Farvie' Grenache

The 2022 Farvie Wines are available on allocation.

Matthew Jukes, www.matthewjukes.com, February 2024
"Now that Farvie is a trio, and not a duo, and the Mourvèdre sits neatly in between the Grenache and Syrah in terms of hue, timbre and attitude, this Grenache seems more succulent, fragrant and blushingly attractive than ever. It is imperceptibly lighter, more rhubarb and pomegranate-tinged and creamier than ever. The colour is a crimson and carmine amalgam, and the nose is akin to a stroll through an Amazonian arboretum. It is sexy, and it knows it, and before it gets too lascivious, on cue, it firms up, dries out and ends with a vicious lick of stern acidity. After such a lavish welcome, this finish is fantastic because it snaps your senses to attention and reminds you that while Farvie Grenache is a consummate charmer, beneath the surface, it is a weaponised wine with extraordinary skill."  19+/20

Ray Jordan, www.rayjordan.com.au, February 2024
"Nice to have this wine back in town after an absence in 2021. The power and concentration of the vineyard and the style is immediately evident. The intensity strikes immediately on the nose, while once the wine starts to roll across your palate you know you in a head zone of great power. It was a warm and concentrated vintage. Brilliant crimson colour with a bright luminosity and brilliant purity that lifts effortlessly from the glass. Floral notes with a dried herbie sage bush character engages immediately. Dry chalky tannins with a trace of minerally iron filings. It’s vibrant and fleshy with real volume of flavour. Continues to mark its turf as an Australian classic." 98 points

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Wine Specs
Frankland River
Harvest Date
24th March 2022
10+ years
Bottling Date
March 2023
Residual Sugar
0.33 g/l
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
The wine is vibrant crimson with violet hues. The wine is a crouching tiger with muscles coiled and senses alert about to pounce. Beautiful yet dangerous. Dark fruited, plum skins, lavender, pomegranate, ground spice and fresh juniper berries. On the palate there is incredible intensity and clarity with a true sense of purpose. Rusty, spicy, summer pudding with an energetic, clean acid line complimenting the chiselled and finely honed emery tannins.
Vineyard Notes
This fruit was hand-picked from established, dry-grown bush vine Grenache & Mourvèdre on the gravelly loam soils of our Swinney Wilson’s Pool Vineyard. This section within the vineyard has leaner topsoils with a higher percentage of lateritic gravel. Fruit-thinning and selective hand harvesting over multiple passes ensured we achieved as close to perfect fruit as possible.
Production Notes
The fruit was hand-picked, berry-sorted and gravity-fed to French oak fermenters. We incorporated 28% whole bunches followed by wild fermentation to build structure and texture while promoting the bright and spicy aromatics. The wine spent 11 days on skins and was then basket pressed directly to fine grained, large format, seasoned French oak and aged for 11 months prior to bottling. The wine was made with minimum effective Sulphites, is unfined and minimally filtered