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A remote and isolated region of Western Australia, Frankland River remains a secret to many. But for us, this unique part of the world is synonymous with family, farming, grape-growing and winemaking.

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A land of broad skies, striking colours, and contrasting landscapes, the Frankland River region in the South West of Western Australia is one of the coolest and most remote wine-growing regions in Australia.

The Frankland River valley has a profound influence on the region’s climate and wine styles.  Draining more or less straight to the Southern Ocean, the river valley has excellent water and air drainage.

In summer, the valley funnels cool and humid air northwards from the Southern Ocean, moderating the heat of summer afternoons.  Cold nights and warm days, combined with a ripening that extends through March into April, create ideal conditions for growing quality wine grapes.

Over millions of years the Frankland River has cut its way through the ancient lateritic surface to expose the granitic and gneissic country rock beneath, creating gravelly loam soils.  The ironstone gravel provides strong root penetration and warms up quickly in the spring, while the clay loam subsoil retains water during dry summer months.  It is on these soils, upslope from the river, that we have planted our vineyards.