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     Farvie takes out the Double in Ray Jordan’s
     "The West Australian Wine Guide 2022"

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When we first planted syrah and grenache, and a few other things as well, on the family farm at Frankland, we knew it was the start of something that would require a lot of hard work and, hopefully deliver a few rewards.

We felt we were on a firm footing with syrah, Frankland River had already shown an affinity with the variety, but planting bush vine grenache required a leap of faith.

It’s a leap we’re glad we took.

It took a while for what we imagined in the beginning to become tangible reality rooted in dirt.

Vineyards begin with the best intentions. Careful planning and all the research and reading it’s possible to do.

But you never know what you’ve got until the vineyard is ready to tell you.

Eventually ours told us it was ready for Farvie.

We always hoped the Farvie project would change the conversation around Western Australian syrah and grenache.

We’re especially pleased that others have so willingly joined in on that conversation.

Ray Jordan’s “ The Western Australian Wine Guide 2022,” has just been released and it has recognised both Farvie wines from 2019 as the best of their varietal classes.

The Swinney Syrah 2020 was a runner up in the Syrah class too.

We don’t grow grapes and make wine simply for the awards, but it would be churlish to not acknowledge the gratification that comes from someone you respect recognising your efforts.

Looking through all the awards in Ray’s book gives us great satisfaction. The company we keep on those pages fills us with pride.

And it reminds us that the journey has only just begun.

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