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"There is no question that this vineyard and the style being crafted under one of Australia’s finest winemakers, Rob Mann, have redefined syrah and grenache. These are now the established benchmarks and should be on the buy-now list for anyone with an interest in contemporary Australian wine.”
Ray Jordan, The West Australian, 2021

"Matt Swinney’s epic vineyards in Frankland River coupled with Rob Mann’s celestial winemaking mean these two wines taste densely red and labyrinthinely earthy and therefore like nothing else on earth." 
Matthew Jukes, www.matthewjukes.com, 2022

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George John Alexander Swinney, affectionately known as Farvie, and his family settled at ‘Franklands’ in 1922. Today, George’s great grand-children, siblings Matt and Janelle, continue his legacy through their vineyards and wine label.

The Farvie wines, first released in March 2020 from the 2018 vintage, represent the highest quality expression of the Swinney family’s best vineyard sites. Our ambition is the creation of wines that sit alongside the best in the world, with a particular focus on Syrah and Grenache, while evoking a beautiful and singular image of our family home in Frankland River.

The Farvie wines are the result of a vineyard–focused philosophy of meticulous attention to site selection and precise grape growing practices. These include dry growing, organic farming principles, intensive shoot and fruit thinning, and careful, deliberate bunch selection from fruit growing either on the morning side of the canopy or protected by shade cloth.

Production of the Farvie wines is limited to just a few hundred cases per year.

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