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We are a team of passionate wine growers and makers. Our combined skills and knowledge, gleaned here and abroad have brought us together to this perfect place, at the perfect time.

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Matt and Janelle Swinney, Siblings - Principals

Fourth Generation Swinneys, siblings Matt and Janelle, grew up working alongside their parents and grandparents on the family farm at Franklands, gaining a deep respect for family, farming and the region. Growing and making is a way of life for the Swinney family, so it’s no surprise that even when they ventured further afield to other parts of the world for their respective careers, this special place was always going to draw them back. Today, Matt and Janelle have assembled a  uniquely skilled team and are focussed on producing wines that reflect their home.  

Rhys Thomas - Viticulturist

After a 15-year tenure with Accolade as the State Viticulturalist (WA) and where Accolade is a major long-term purchaser of Swinney fruit, Rhys joined Swinney as General Manager in mid-2022. With an almost fanatical focus on attention to detail, Rhys’ approach to viticulture marries together old and new world beliefs and practices, including a passion for dry grown bush vines, while embracing technological developments and a drive towards environmental sustainability.

Rob Mann – Winemaker

Rob is descended from an Australian winemaking family stretching back six generations. Honing his skills both here and abroad, he has lent his hand to some of the world’s most distinguished labels. After senior roles at Hardy's Tintara, Cape Mentelle and most recently at the Newton Vineyard in Napa Valley, Rob joined the Swinney team in 2018, inspired by an exceptional fruit source and a shared vision to make distinguished regional wines, comparable to the country’s greatest.  Rob underplays his role as a winemaker—his guiding philosophy is that “great wine is made in the vineyard”. He attributes the success of winemaking to great teamwork , emphasising that everyone must be on the same page, otherwise the tension will be evident in the wine. Ultimately, from a winery perspective, Rob’s goal is simply to  let the vineyard shine, and his approach to winemaking results in wines that clearly convey the personality of both region and site.